Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Your Intrepid Reporter will stop at nothing to bring you the Full Loni Lowdown
   As many of you may have noticed, I appear to have been hesitant to tackle one of the main stars in the WKRP stable for my semi-regular DOSSIER  : WKRP section, and there is good reason for that. I am simply intimidated by the magnitude of the talent and accomplishments and struck almost speechless by the salacious real-life drama, and unbelievable twists and turns of fate, that surround probably one of the top 15 female comic actresses of all time. I’m not afraid to admit, that every time I approach the task of encapsulating this Mega-Super-Star’s career  trajectory and thrilling life story, I have to feel just a little humbled, and even I, knowledgeably; the World's leading Scholar in WKRP Historiography, Question Myself as to whether I am fit for this Herculean Task. For an actress who shot to dizzying hights of international fame and stardom, despite her seemingly hopeless, hard-scrabble beginnings, for her to be born with a repulsively deformed face, to penniless, illiterate, immigrant parents, themselves exiled in shame for unspeakable acts commited in "the old country". It is truly Epic in its scope to even consider the story of this meteoric clash with destny that is Loni Anderson. This inimitable, iconoclastic siren of both stage and screen, she not only overcame these disabilities but artfully turned them around on the audience and fully utilized them to further her innate genius for spreading mirth and enjoyment to young and old alike. A man has to remove his hat and show some respect, boys! Of course I am talking about Loni Anderson, whose path through the treacherous waters of fame I will endeavor to chart here; I've covered it all... the loves, the heartbreak, the family dramas and estrangements, the marriage to her cousin Burt Reynolds at the age of 14, the abandoned children, the destroyed lives, and suicides she left in her wake, even the scandal that proved too explosive for even the star herself, leading to her sudden withdrawl from the spot light, and even society itself, her final act, her swan song, taking the role of real-life shadowy recluse, which she remains to this day.

  For a life of such scope and magnitude, I inevitably thought it best to break her story into three parts, beginning next week with DOSSIER : WKRP  – LONI ANDERSON, Part 1. (The Early Years)

  So stay tuned right here to www.WKRP-log.blogspot.com, as I have done voluminous research and will expose shocking, never before heard, revelations,recounting, in blow-by-blow detail,  the dysfunctional family sagas,the cataclysmic romances and trails of shattered hearts and lives, the heroic battle against disability, and the gut-wrenching jests of fate that have all gone together in one of the most salacious tales of Hollywood excesses,  that have made this absolutely unique phenom the iconic superstar that she is today.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


This one really puts the "Classic" back in "Classic Rock"

This talented youngster is sure to give Staind and Nickleback a run for thier collective monies. Keep an ear open for this mysterious dark horse. (I don't know the artist's name; if it is you, and you are reading this please contact me immediately)

Sunday, January 8, 2012


As many of you have probably already noticed, The beloved WKRP BLOG that you all know and love so well, has been on hiatus for some time now. Seeing as I had to go into the hospital and have been otherwise incapacitated since last winter, your buddy, me, hasn’t had the time to update this here WKRP BLOG even though, as you well know, many earth-shaking ‘KRP related news events have transpired since then. I promise that I will do my best to get to each and every item of hard WKRP news and give my usual in depth coverage and ask the questions to the answers you need to know regarding all things WKRP!

Also, while I was in the Veteran’s Admin. Hospital I had time to do some serious thinking as to the very nature of this Blog, this thing that seems to breath a life of its own, its more than just a fan page, or tribute. It reminds me of the great honour roll that they will read out under old glory, in these fateful days to come. You see, I was “inside” having my gall bladder removed (apparently you don’t need one?) and 35% of my pelvis excised, due to that nasty bit of gangrene I picked up last summer somewhere. Doc says I probably got an infection in my wound when I went to the annual Veterans for A Better America BBQ weekender. since I am a DOUBLE AMPUTEE, and basically everything under my waist is referred to as my “wound” its not hard to imagine, when sitting in a musty tent and drinking plenty for 4 days straight, that a body can pick up a microbe or two. any ways, long story short, if the gangrene returns that could spell permanent sayonara for yours truly, so Doc has me on a strict antibiotic regime and boozing is Verbotten!

But its great really! The nurses at the VA are all top drawer, sweet as pie, and keeping that place spic and span, spit-shiny and fine form so’s the doctors and more importantly, the brave defenders of this great nation’s freedom, can rest easy and enjoy the comforts that this administration would gladly rip from under us in favour of funding its coddled affirmative action programs or some other hippy pinko bullshit. It makes me sick, it really does. and that’s in a HOSPITAL! Now that I’m back in civvies, the outlook seems grim! If it weren’t for the fine folks at HandyDart, and the miracle of Internet Technology, I shudder to think that these subtle terrors would move forward unchallenged. But NO! Says I! I Shall Return (to paraphrase the great MacArthur) To The Library! To Get The New WKRP Season 2 Complete DVD BOX SET I Put on hold! And to the pharmacy to get my meds! and the welfare office! because, if I have to get it together to get out the house, I better do all my errands, because getting around with no legs, and 65% of a pelvis, and no gall bladder, well, its a bitch, son!

 So it looks like I’m down for the “long haul” and that’s a good thing because WKRP needs us, this thing of ours, and it looks like I’ve got nothing but time on my hands to moderate, facilitate and disseminate the good news that is the mighty 'KRP. stay tuned my babies, for I will post regularly, but for now, its just plain old good to be back