Thursday, March 9, 2017


This one really puts the "Classic" back in "Classic Rock"

This talented youngster is sure to give Staind and Nickleback a run for thier collective monies. Keep an ear open for this mysterious dark horse. (I don't know the artist's name; if it is you, and you are reading this please contact me immediately)

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


As many of you have probably already noticed, The beloved WKRP BLOG that you all know and love so well, has been on hiatus for some time now. Seeing as I had to go into the hospital and have been otherwise incapacitated since last winter, your buddy, me, hasn’t had the time to update this here WKRP BLOG even though, as you well know, many earth-shaking ‘KRP related news events have transpired since then. I promise that I will do my best to get to each and every item of hard WKRP news and give my usual in depth coverage and ask the questions to the answers you need to know regarding all things WKRP!

Also, while I was in the Veteran’s Admin. Hospital I had time to do some serious thinking as to the very nature of this Blog, this thing that seems to breath a life of its own, its more than just a fan page, or tribute. It reminds me of the great honour roll that they will read out under old glory, in these fateful days to come. You see, I was “inside” having my gall bladder removed (apparently you don’t need one?) and 35% of my pelvis excised, due to that nasty bit of gangrene I picked up last summer somewhere. Doc says I probably got an infection in my wound when I went to the annual Veterans for A Better America BBQ weekender. since I am a DOUBLE AMPUTEE, and basically everything under my waist is referred to as my “wound” its not hard to imagine, when sitting in a musty tent and drinking plenty for 4 days straight, that a body can pick up a microbe or two. any ways, long story short, if the gangrene returns that could spell permanent sayonara for yours truly, so Doc has me on a strict antibiotic regime and boozing is Verbotten!

But its great really! The nurses at the VA are all top drawer, sweet as pie, and keeping that place spic and span, spit-shiny and fine form so’s the doctors and more importantly, the brave defenders of this great nation’s freedom, can rest easy and enjoy the comforts that this administration would gladly rip from under us in favour of funding its coddled affirmative action programs or some other hippy pinko bullshit. It makes me sick, it really does. and that’s in a HOSPITAL! Now that I’m back in civvies, the outlook seems grim! If it weren’t for the fine folks at HandyDart, and the miracle of Internet Technology, I shudder to think that these subtle terrors would move forward unchallenged. But NO! Says I! I Shall Return (to paraphrase the great MacArthur) To The Library! To Get The New WKRP Season 2 Complete DVD BOX SET I Put on hold! And to the pharmacy to get my meds! and the welfare office! because, if I have to get it together to get out the house, I better do all my errands, because getting around with no legs, and 65% of a pelvis, and no gall bladder, well, its a bitch, son!

 So it looks like I’m down for the “long haul” and that’s a good thing because WKRP needs us, this thing of ours, and it looks like I’ve got nothing but time on my hands to moderate, facilitate and disseminate the good news that is the mighty 'KRP. stay tuned my babies, for I will post regularly, but for now, its just plain old good to be back

Sunday, March 5, 2017


The Many Faces of Gordon Jump, Renaissance Man.

This is the first installment of a new series I am adding to the WKRP-LOG.

it is a breakdown of each character, in depth. It is meant as an aid to the newly initiated “krp fan as well as a general checklist for the seasoned Buff. I call it DOSSIER : WKRP and each week I will address one character, studying their role and the artist(s) behind the Hollywood magic that brings to us again and again thanks to Internet technology, the diamond versatility of serial comic/drama which is WKRP in Cincinnati


“Wish not so much to live long as to live well” Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

Whilst the main meat and potatoes of the action and certainly the high point of all the comic moments in the TV show WKRP always center on the characters Earl Tarlick and Loni Anderson, “The Big Guy” played by Gordon Jump, is a significant character, an anchor for the core action to take place around and quite often the pivotal dramatic foil at the crux of the writing in this program. In the show he owns the radio station WKRP. He is the sort of character who creates his own negative reality spreading his shitty attitude around so much that everything about him is cursed. His business is going bankrupt. He is always angry and frustrated. he alienates everyone he meets and frightens his employees. It is a subterfuge, he just wants people to leave him alone, so he uses the failing numbers his station pulls in to disabuse his staff and they are afraid to disturb his gloomy sanctum. Really, deep down he is a sad guy. he sits alone in his office and looks at an oil painting portrait of his dead mother. Sometimes the painting even speaks to him (voiced by Alice Ghostly) Hes so miserable, and every attempt of those around him to reach out is thwarted by his bitterness and temper. He throws shit at them and tells them to “Get the fuck outta my fuckin office you bitch!” and he spat at Earl once. Basically he is insane, but he is so rich, and such an asshole, no-one would ever suggest he was unwell, or in any way disadvantaged. He paces around in his office with the heat turned up (its summer) and he’s cursing, in a rage. All he really wants is to go fishing. He’s supposed to love fishing, and he does dream about fishing, often we see the same set piece, Big Guy is in a dinghy boat, in water with a (fake) mountain valley backdrop. Its his daydream fantasy and they always show the same shot when they depict him taking a breather from being his browned off usual mean old self. The insistence of the writers on including this not-exactly-funny comic trope and repeating it several times an episode even though it had tested as “stupid” in focus groups pre-airing and even for the fact that the live studio audience refused to laugh despite the “laugh” signs they use to prompt them. this is the story behind the introduction of “canned” laughter into the series in season one, even though I personally feel WKRP should appear unadulterated and therefore have transcribed several shows by hand and simply read along with the broadcast with the sound lowered.

that anecdote aside, it is within this recurring fantasy of Big Guy fishing that the payoff comes. you see, Big Guy doesn’t really want to fish, it is simply the location that he must see himself in so that the Big Guy in the fantasy, the fisherman in the fake boat Guy, he can dream his own dream, the daydream within the daydream. see, Big Guy goes fishing and then dreams of fame! He wishes he was a Huge Celebrity, a Star. In his little boat, in his imagination we see him accepting awards, promenading upon red carpets, he is blinded by flashbulbs always smiling, with his hand on his heart he serves the President and heads of state with his glorious art. he glows with specialness. these reveries, which are actually funny, are always broken by the same thing, Loni Anderson barging into his office with some sort of low-comic gag-dilemma, like she’s got chocolate fudge on her ass, or Earl tried to give her a makeover, or some other slapstick goof-off. Anyways Big Guy throws her out and calls her a whore, and thats that. Back to dreaming.

The actor Gordon Jump, who had another starring role as Radar O’Rieley’s  “roommate”  on the sadly-missed and lamentably short-lived “After M*A*S*H*” went on to a forge a lucrative career for himself as a motivational speaker in the 90s with his message of Personal Triumph through NLP and CERAGEM. In 2001 he was killed tragically in the events of 9-11. Yet another American hero fallen in the name of freedom and Democracy, he will live on in WKRP (and After M*A*S*H*) and always be remembered fondly. Let’s Roll Brotha.

Friday, March 3, 2017

DOSSIER : WKRP - SUBJECT #2 - Earl Tardjlic

The Face That Launched A Thousand Ships

I really am sorry about the title, it being this dudes name-but that’s what he’s called…it’s a funny name. He is South-African, Afrikaans, Dutch actually. That’s why he has a funny name and is always saying idiomatic Afrikaner shit like “Rumpo-stumpo, bal-lag,ya! pouffe! & Challakki dum pouffe! Marawayr fej n shit like that. You know him. You love him. You ask for him by name…The WKRP show would not be the same without him, yes! It’s Mr. Earl Tardjlik his own self, un-arguably the funniest and most lastingly endearing characters created in the Cincinnati Universe Involving radio station WKRP 105.3 AM.

Earl stole every episode he appeared in, most of the time the whole idea of the show focused on his perspective of the other soap-operatic proceedings at radio-station WKRP. Earl was this central POV, and it is wholly embodied in the comic sty lings of consummate method-player FrankBonner. Such suavetiere and flawless timing take it’s toll on even the few Olympic players who dare to pretend the throne and, sadly, as in Actor FrankBonner’s case, sudden death was surely the result!

No better way to die would ever surmise one’s bland expectations, especially in after-school time-slot syndications and rerun episodes. Earl was, and remains today the only truly redeeming feature of, comparatively, and conversely, the only endearment in an otherwise culturally un informed, intellectually bereft, and insignificant historical artifact vis-a-vis video tape. Years ahead of his time, he originated the single most important concept in contemporary culture: Corporate Rock. No other guy came near to what he did, he literally forged the template for what modern generations of A&R guy’s would begin to set their bar to the likes of your “Nirvana’s” and Rascle Flatts! I still remember it today, the first time I laid eyes on him, I knew it, I said to myself…this is the guy for me, I have stepped into my metier and need seek no further. Truly, a charmed life, as lived by one typifying grace under pressure.

How could anyone who has even heard mention of those eponymous call-letters “WKRP” or even seen an add in TVGuide or The Penny Pincher not entirely endorse every aspect associated with the character Earl Tardjlik of WKRP played by FrankBonner on NBC TV station in 1980s N America. If you Roger That Delta Niner than God Bless America! Bombs bursting forth lights, &c. Falcon 1-2-3

And if you rascals are on interfering Taliban frequencies, and listening in on good hearted god fearing American citizens, or any other variation of profiled personages and you think you can hold a mickey-mouse birthday candle to honest freedom loving citizen’s God-given rights and freedoms, especially manifest destiny, well than, you just read on Habib… Were into some heavy technology now! Can-Do-itive-nous & extreme adherence to good old American Know-How

Code seven blue!

Operation Yankee Rose in full effect..

All Systems GO!

Before the “other voice” kicks off…I am not at liberty to fully disclose on Character: Earl TaRDjlik. Even at this juncture, but please try back later or leave a comments in the posts. Thank you for reading this message.

Goodnight Mr & Mrs Internet & all the ships at sea

Over & Out

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A Brief Note of Explination (and a taste of things to come...)

Before I continue with my special multi-post Loni Anderson "Behind The Magic" series, I would like to extend many heartfelt Kudos to my Community outreach ladie RJ. With her guidance ”yours truly” has discovered the mysteries and wonder of a little thing called “The Spell Check” button. Now I understand why those red lines underline so much of my typing, and I don’t have to rely on such awkward emphasis. Holy shit this underlining in red makes me go a little crazy, and I didn’t know what it meant? I thought the computer was trying to teach me to write better. Now I know that it is only my poor-ass spelling, and danmed if I aint gonna change that. I am going to do my veteran’s duty, my service to freedom, and protest this spell check’s stranglehold on god fearing American’s and I am anouncing here and now my own lead attack on this oppressive regime! Danm your little red underlinings! This isn’t kindergarten, these are real honest to god American folks here Mr. Whoever-You-Are-That-Runs-The-Internet! This is a call to arms! spelling mistakes be danmed! I am like Dr. Johnny Fever, and I am leading the charge against the corporate disco S&M pre-recorded elevator music that is compsanies like Spellcheck Inc. or or THIS URL (who still owes me $27.50 for the web page design I did for them, pretty nice huh? well PAY UP buddie!)

We must unite together against this infringement of our rights and freedoms, we must band together, if we do, We shall rise up and overcome them!

In the mean time let me offer you a little teaser as to the exciting treasure trove of Loni Anderson artefacts that you have in store for you right here at WKRP-log in the very near future...

Here is an ultra-rare “bootleg” demo track of the original run-through of the hit classic “WKRP in Cincinnati” sung by a young Loni Anderson in her early show-biz days as a struggling country & western chanteuse. Listen now and you can hear the raw energy and burgeoning talent hinting at great things to come!

elle chante comme un ange du ciel

I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be the darn fool who passed up on this demo reel. Talk about career ending mistakes. It probably had something to do with Loni’s gut-wrenchingly disgusting facial deformity, still, despite these set-backs, Miss Anderson would go on to record this song for the original broadcast of ‘KRP and create one of the most spectacular hit songs of the era, its influence still reverberating through the airwaves, and collective imaginations, stretching to all four corners of the globe and asserting itself as probably the greatest song , not only of our culture, but of all history and mankind itself.