Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A Brief Note of Explination (and a taste of things to come...)

Before I continue with my special multi-post Loni Anderson "Behind The Magic" series, I would like to extend many heartfelt Kudos to my Community outreach ladie RJ. With her guidance ”yours truly” has discovered the mysteries and wonder of a little thing called “The Spell Check” button. Now I understand why those red lines underline so much of my typing, and I don’t have to rely on such awkward emphasis. Holy shit this underlining in red makes me go a little crazy, and I didn’t know what it meant? I thought the computer was trying to teach me to write better. Now I know that it is only my poor-ass spelling, and danmed if I aint gonna change that. I am going to do my veteran’s duty, my service to freedom, and protest this spell check’s stranglehold on god fearing American’s and I am anouncing here and now my own lead attack on this oppressive regime! Danm your little red underlinings! This isn’t kindergarten, these are real honest to god American folks here Mr. Whoever-You-Are-That-Runs-The-Internet! This is a call to arms! spelling mistakes be danmed! I am like Dr. Johnny Fever, and I am leading the charge against the corporate disco S&M pre-recorded elevator music that is compsanies like Spellcheck Inc. or or THIS URL (who still owes me $27.50 for the web page design I did for them, pretty nice huh? well PAY UP buddie!)

We must unite together against this infringement of our rights and freedoms, we must band together, if we do, We shall rise up and overcome them!

In the mean time let me offer you a little teaser as to the exciting treasure trove of Loni Anderson artefacts that you have in store for you right here at WKRP-log in the very near future...

Here is an ultra-rare “bootleg” demo track of the original run-through of the hit classic “WKRP in Cincinnati” sung by a young Loni Anderson in her early show-biz days as a struggling country & western chanteuse. Listen now and you can hear the raw energy and burgeoning talent hinting at great things to come!

elle chante comme un ange du ciel

I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be the darn fool who passed up on this demo reel. Talk about career ending mistakes. It probably had something to do with Loni’s gut-wrenchingly disgusting facial deformity, still, despite these set-backs, Miss Anderson would go on to record this song for the original broadcast of ‘KRP and create one of the most spectacular hit songs of the era, its influence still reverberating through the airwaves, and collective imaginations, stretching to all four corners of the globe and asserting itself as probably the greatest song , not only of our culture, but of all history and mankind itself.

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