Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Your Intrepid Reporter will stop at nothing to bring you the Full Loni Lowdown
   As many of you may have noticed, I appear to have been hesitant to tackle one of the main stars in the WKRP stable for my semi-regular DOSSIER  : WKRP section, and there is good reason for that. I am simply intimidated by the magnitude of the talent and accomplishments and struck almost speechless by the salacious real-life drama, and unbelievable twists and turns of fate, that surround probably one of the top 15 female comic actresses of all time. I’m not afraid to admit, that every time I approach the task of encapsulating this Mega-Super-Star’s career  trajectory and thrilling life story, I have to feel just a little humbled, and even I, knowledgeably; the World's leading Scholar in WKRP Historiography, Question Myself as to whether I am fit for this Herculean Task. For an actress who shot to dizzying hights of international fame and stardom, despite her seemingly hopeless, hard-scrabble beginnings, for her to be born with a repulsively deformed face, to penniless, illiterate, immigrant parents, themselves exiled in shame for unspeakable acts commited in "the old country". It is truly Epic in its scope to even consider the story of this meteoric clash with destny that is Loni Anderson. This inimitable, iconoclastic siren of both stage and screen, she not only overcame these disabilities but artfully turned them around on the audience and fully utilized them to further her innate genius for spreading mirth and enjoyment to young and old alike. A man has to remove his hat and show some respect, boys! Of course I am talking about Loni Anderson, whose path through the treacherous waters of fame I will endeavor to chart here; I've covered it all... the loves, the heartbreak, the family dramas and estrangements, the marriage to her cousin Burt Reynolds at the age of 14, the abandoned children, the destroyed lives, and suicides she left in her wake, even the scandal that proved too explosive for even the star herself, leading to her sudden withdrawl from the spot light, and even society itself, her final act, her swan song, taking the role of real-life shadowy recluse, which she remains to this day.

  For a life of such scope and magnitude, I inevitably thought it best to break her story into three parts, beginning next week with DOSSIER : WKRP  – LONI ANDERSON, Part 1. (The Early Years)

  So stay tuned right here to www.WKRP-log.blogspot.com, as I have done voluminous research and will expose shocking, never before heard, revelations,recounting, in blow-by-blow detail,  the dysfunctional family sagas,the cataclysmic romances and trails of shattered hearts and lives, the heroic battle against disability, and the gut-wrenching jests of fate that have all gone together in one of the most salacious tales of Hollywood excesses,  that have made this absolutely unique phenom the iconic superstar that she is today.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Part # Two. NUDES of Loni (get in here bros)

"Sources close to the star say... that Loni Anderson has been known to bathe in the nude and has also been witnessed as having taken public showers sometimes in gymnasiums & the like.

She also dabbled in psuedo-erotic no-core movies in the late 80's; after her TV career had gone "tits-up"
(more on that later...)

Still, even worse, before she got so 'large', she did commercials...

I know, I know...it doesn't look anything like her, but trust me, & trust my sources. That IS pre-reconstructive surgery Loni...Full-on and in-the-flesh. A rarity indeed. Her first appearance, and on half-inch video tape, no less. (also you can see where bailey quarters ripped her entire act off from!)
So stay tuned here, my babies, to WKRP-LOG, DOT - Blogspot, dot calm, for more salacious, down n dirty Loni Anderson XXX tape reviews deemed Too Hot For teh internets but brought to you here anyways, courtesy of me, your friend, informant, and dogged reporter...
Until next report...Over & Out!

"Wait for it! The payoff comes at 2:11"